Grafton High Grads Face the Future

The class is praised for its community involvement.

Their future begins today.

The class of 2012 graduated from tonight at a ceremony at the Hanover Theater in Worcester.

Students Stephanie Bishop, Megan Elsier, Ashley Esper, Meredith Ryer and Marissa Temple sang "Unwritten,'' an appropriate song for the class as they begin to fill the blank pages before them.

Principal James Pignataro praised the class, the last to spend all four years at the current Grafton High School, for their efforts at improving the world.

The class, he said, is "made up of individuals and groups of individuals who made a difference.''

He said that class members have participated in a range of activities, including projects that promote tolerance, fight bullying, advocate for cancer awareness and instill confidence.

He noted that a visiting administrator once noted that the students clearly feel safe to speak their minds and disagree in a classroom setting, all in a respectful manner.

The class, he said, exemplifies the saying, "A small group of determined people can change the world.''

Students with asterisks are members of the National Honor Society. The graduates are:


Nicholas A. Aberg

Catherine M. Agis

Connor J. Amorin *

Melody M. Banasiak

Kelsey M. Barksdale

Michael A. Bate

John M. Belmont

Daniel J. Bennett *

Kirstin M. Birdsall

Stephanie J. Bishop *

Aaron J. Bissell

Eric Z. Bissell

Nicole L. Bolt

Olivia R. Bonati

Brittany L. Borgerson

Cameron D. Boyle

Matthew T. Boyle

Matthew C. Bradley

Catherine R. Bresnahan *

Gabriela M. Campos

Austin R. Carangelo

Erica A. Carlson

Lindsay J. Carroll *

Reeve J. Carvalho

Garrett M. Cesander

David J. Chance

Caitlin J. Chouinard

Michael F. Christian

Brianna L. Coleman *

Jessica A. Cosman *

Meagan M. Costello *

Kyle C. Cournoyer *

Chelsea E. Dainis

Jared V. Dalpe

Joshua D. Dande *

Nithin  Das

Charles R. Davis

Richard B. Davis

Savannah J. Davis

Shayna M. Davis

Jennifer F. Deacon

John T. Derry

Andre J. Deschenes

Melanie A. Downton *

Megan K. Driscoll

Taylor P. Dufault

Ryan N. Duhamel *

Victoria M. Dykens

Joseph S. Eddy *

Robert C. Ekross

Megan M. Elsier

Audrey E. Enman

Ashley E. Esper *

Christina M. Faes

Erin M. Farley

Rachel L. Fino

Brianna M. Flores

Thomas J. Gannon

Madeline J. Giese

Bryan S. Gilgallon

Justin K. Glavin

Arissa M. Grautski

Abhijit  Gudivada *

Alexandra L. Gulachenski *

Dylan J. Guyer

Erik A. Henningson II

Evan J. Hernandez

Charity N. Hicks

Jesse D. Holland

Julie A. Hugunin *

Erin N. Kapurch

Adam W. Keown

Seth C. Knowlton

Avrille B. Lavallee

Zachary J. Leofanti

Zachary A. Levy

Amber S. Litterer *

Jacob A. Lupo

Daniel J. Mahoney

LindseyLeigh A. Maiuri

Ryan W. Mangano

Ashley M. Marcum

David P. Markt Jr *

Madeline M. Mathers

Caitlin J. McBride

Sara P. McCarthy *

Kevin O. McKernan

Ralph E. Melanson IV

Henry-William O. Melifonwu

Michael D. Mercurio

James W. Milligan

Emily J. Mooza

Joseph P. Morin

Nicole L. Murphy

Daniel F. Nascimento

Helen O. Neely *

Ryan M. Nephew

Brenden P. Noronha

Caitlin N. O'Brien

Reece H. O'Connor *

Timothy R. O'Malley

Connor E. O'Toole

Naser Z. Odeh

Kushani G. Patel *

Christopher R. Pearson

Paige A. Pendleton *

Jensen R. Plotkin

Kathrin R. Potter

Robert P. Praderio *

William F. Revene

Dalton L. Richards

Jordan M. Rigney *

Zachary A. Robidoux

Julian C. Roos *

Sydney S. Rosendale

Zackary A. Rutfield *

Meredith K. Ryer *

Rachel L. Rynning

Caroline A. Salvador

Jesse T. Sarver

Ryan D. Sheridan *

Ryan D. Shumeyko

Angelica  Silva *

Esperanza  Silva *

Anna N. Simonelli *

Madeleine R. Sims *

Alexander M. Smith

Brendan M. Stock

Sanaa H. Surve

Morgan B. Sutton

Jenna S. Swiech

Nicollette M. Tanzi

Amy L. Tellier

Marissa K. Temple *

Kevin M. Thurber

Rebecca L. Tonelli

Patrick E. Tower

Nicholas F. Treu

Tanya L. Tripp

Kaylah L. Turpin

Matthew M. Urella

Neha M. Vinod *

Andrea M. Vulter

Ian M. Wagner

Max R. Weinstein

David J. Westgate

Jillian P. Wilson

Rebecca L. Wilson

Michael R. Wiser

Neil K. Woskie

Molly M. Wyman

Jessica L. Yarbrough


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