McGovern Defeats Feegbeh: Looking Forward to 'Getting Obama Elected'

Jim McGovern, incumbent candidate for U.S. Representative, easily defeats William Feegbeh in the primary.

With more than 50 percent of the precincts reporting, and winning 90 percent of the vote, according to boston.com, Congressman Jim McGovern said "I think I'm pretty safe."

McGovern, democrat representing district 2 (formerly district 3) easily defeated William Feegbeh for the U.S. represenative seat.

Redistricting created a coverage map for McGovern map that was 60 percent new to him, translating into 52 towns in the state "I had never had before."

"I've been on a listening and learning tour," said McGovern at El Basha in Worcester, while waiting for President Obama to deliver his speech at the Democratic National Convention. "I don’t know everything about the new district, but I will learn as much as I can, so when I become the congressman for that precinct, I can hit the ground running." 

Tomorrow, McGovern said he's heading to the western part of the state to speak to a labor district.

Campaigning, for him, meant not only learning about new cities and towns, but people "getting to know me," added McGovern.

While his opponent, Feegbeh, was largely unknown, McGovern said he didn't take it for granted.

"Well, 60 percent of my district didn't know me, and I had never been on the ballot there," said McGovern, "so I didn't want to take anything for granted. I wanted to make people realize that I wanted to be a congressman who was accessible. There is a long distance between Worcester and places such as Northampton, and I think they were wondering if I was a good fit. Part of my job was to demonstrate that I was a good fit."

As part of the agriculture committee, McGovern said the redistricting has become a "better fit" in some ways because he represents more areas where farming is an important issue.

McGovern says he's energized, and says the DNC has been a great success, as well as uplifting and forward-thinking.

"I'm looking forward to supporting Elizabeth Warren and doing everything I can go get the president re-elected," said McGovern.

And ... what did he think of that Bill Clinton speech?

"I’ve known Bill for many years," he said. "He is my friend and he is someone I admire greatly. He hit a grand slam last night." 


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