Burning Permit Hike Approved

Selectmen agree to raise the fee from $5 to $10.

Selectmen agreed last night to increase the fee for burning permits from $5 to $10.

The vote came a week after the issue was discussed at a previous Board of Selectmen meeting.

The fee increase was sought to offset costs associated with the permits, including keeping the fire department open on Saturday mornings during burning season.

The responded to 29 illegal burning calls in 2010, 25 in 2011 and 12 as of April 30 of this year, the memo says.

The burning season runs from Jan. 15 to May 1. Anyone holding a permit must call the Fire Department the day they are planning to burn.

In 2010, 255 permits were issued; they were used 1,049 times. In 2011, 266 permits were issued and used 695 times. This year, 347 permits were issued.


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