Rep: Set Harsher Sentences for Cutting GPS

State Rep. George Peterson seeks to toughen the stipulations of Melissa's Law.

State Rep. George Peterson, R-Grafton, hopes a bill that would eliminate parole for third-time offenders of violent crime will reach the governor’s desk by July.

The bill, which is informally known as Melissa’s Law, has been passed by the House and Senate and now goes to conference committee.

Peterson wants to add a stipulation: Stricter sentences for anyone who cuts off a GPS monitoring bracelet.

He equates cutting off a monitoring bracelet to escaping from incarceration.

“They are given the privilege of being out, being able to work,’’ he said. “When you cut [the bracelet] off and run, that’s like escaping from prison.’’

He believes that cutting a GPS bracelet should receive “at least the same sentence’’ as escaping from prison.

Peterson said he has calls out to the police chief and district attorney to find out why the sentence of registered sex offender Brian Addeo was reduced from lifetime parole to 10 years

Addeo was released from prison and re-registered this week as a level three sex offender in Grafton. He cut off his monitoring bracelet last year and fled the state. He was located in Maine.


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