Owner Must Stay Away, But Dojo Still Open

Eric Rossini's mother is helping to run the business.

Classes have continued at in Shrewsbury after criminal charges were filed by the Arlington Texas Police Department against the owner, .

Noreen Rossini, Eric's mother, is helping to run the dojo while Rossini faces charges and is ordered to stay away from children under the age of 18.

"The dojo is being run by committee," Rossini said. "We have some dedicated parents who are helping out and Eric is working closely with the instructors and continuing to do administrative duties."

Rossini said she cannot comment on the pending court case, but she is thankful for the support of the MassDojo community.

"We want to maintain the excellence the students are used to when they come to MassDojo," Rossini said. "They are so committed and dedicated."

Rossini said new students are being enrolled at the dojo every day. "I've been fielding questions from parents," she said. "The dojo will remain open."

Two classes were in progress last night and Rossini said classes are continuing at the dojo.

For more information about classes or the dojo, call 774-239-1346.


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