Oh My: Erratic Driver Tries to Hide

Also in unusual police news, a man was considered suspicious because he was looking for bathroom products for his cat.

Your own garage might be one of the first places the cops look. Just sayin'.

A Marlborough woman who allegedly hit a utility pole so hard that it cut off power to a neighborhood on Saturday tried to conceal her damaged vehicle in her garage.

The woman allegedly drove off after striking the pole and attempted to hide her vehicle. Police found her, took her statement, and was charged with a variety of offenses including operating under the influence of liquor.

Pretty sure you will not guess what made this man suspicious.

A Hopkinton officer contacted a resident after a suspicious man was reported in the area. The resident said the man was looking for kitty litter. Officers were unable to locate the litter-seeker. And somewhere, cats were making a real mess.


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