A Severe Case of Office Envy

Recently a client told me she was moving from her current office to a brand new space in suburban Boston. This news brought on the most severe case of office envy I've ever experienced.

Okay, if you work from home every so often you wish you didn't. Every now and then I get a twinge of, "I've got to get out of this place." Although, I certainly wasn't thinking that during the blizzard a few weeks ago.

I have friends who rent small offices because they don't have enough space at home or they find it easier to concentrate without the distractions of kids, nearby washer, dryer or refrigerator.

Recently a client told me she was moving from her current office to a brand new space in suburban Boston. This news brought on the most severe case of office envy I've ever experienced. She gave me a website address where I viewed photos of her new work environment. She wasn't moving to just any office space - she was moving to an oasis -  a renovated mill building. My skin literally turned green as my eyes locked in on extra tall windows breaking out of brick walls with waterfalls of warm natural light, puffy sofas dotted "conversation" areas and several bright white chairs were tucked around small brushed steel cafe tables scattered throughout a large open area. You could practically smell the fresh paint online - so high-tech and professional.

But this is what really got to me. Her new area was a collaborative work space for artists, entrepreneurs, investors, consultants, non-profit leaders, and other professionals who needed a home base outside of their home or corporate office. There were private offices, cubicles, a conference room, snack bar, and regular networking events. Artists who rented space there flooded the corridor walls with magnificent artwork. It was a stunning environment where I'm positive my productivity would increase by 1,000 percent. I would be working so hard that I would have no choice but to attend the owner sponsored Friday afternoon Happy Hours. There would be people around all-the-time. People around to bounce ideas off of, talk about current events, and gain additional perspectives on everything.

What consolation would there be in remaining in my home office another minute?  After some serious consideration I did have a few concerns. I wouldn't be able to vacuum. I'm a creative person, yet, whenever I have a creative "block" I take the vacuum out and run it around the office a few times. It's amazing how this brief exercise lends itself to new ideas and helps me shift my focus so that I'm able to return to a project with renewed energy.

When my back tightens up from sitting too long (when I don't have creative block!) I can get down on the floor and crack it. Who would my dog talk to? It's amazing how one look from my 20 pound pup can spark creative genius. At my home office, I never have to worry about having a bad hair day. Would other occupants of the magnificent mill think it was odd that I have a peanut butter sandwich for lunch at the same time every day? Oh yeah, and why would I want to pay for gas - who needs it when your commute is 13 steps? And wouldn't I be disappointed every April when I couldn't use my home office as a tax write off?

Enjoy your new space, Liz. My whining is over. I've got to get back to work. But, I’m still jealous!

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