What Happens When Homeowners Don't Shovel Their Sidewalks?

We were curious about the town's rules related to sidewalk-shoveling.

A Patch reader recently asked us the following question: "What happens when homeowners don't clear their sidewalks, more than 24 hours after a snow storm, and their sidewalks happen to be a bus stop for elementary school students?"

The answer: Grafton has no bylaws requiring people to shovel their sidewalks.

"We certainly appreciate when they do, but it is not mandatory," said Beth Thurlow, Department of Public Works secretary.

The DPW clears sidewalks around the schools, but that can take several days, Thurlow added.

Along with many other area districts, Grafton schools are closed Monday.

If you're a school parent: did your kids have an easy time getting to school today? Do you think unshoveled sidewalks are a problem in Grafton, or is an unshoveled sidewalk par for the course in New England? Tell us in the comments.


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