Oh My: Thief Plans For Spring, Meat Sold From Truck

In other unusual police business, a man accidentally drove through his garage.

This thief can't wait until spring. 

One bandit in Shrewsbury has tired of winter, and is thinking ahead. A resident this week reported that his riding lawn mower was stolen. We don't know the status of this case, but presumably Shrewsbury residents should report to police any sightings of a person riding a lawnmower in the middle of January.

Glad to see I'm not the only one who finds this sketchy.

Sometime over the summer, I was washing my car when a man in a beat-up pickup truck drove up, hopped out and cheerfully asked if I wanted to buy some meat. Rightfully suspicious, I backed away a safe distance while he went to a freezer in his truck and pointed out (from afar) the various cuts of meat he had for sale. Maybe I'm missing something: but are traveling, unsolicited meat salesmen a thing?

Well, that just stinks.

Most of us have done something embarassing behind the wheel (As a teenager, I accidentally ran over my dog's outdoor dog house - the dog was safe inside). Still, it couldn't have been a comfortable call when this Medfield man had to inform police that he'd driven through his garage and took out the support columns.


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