Grafton Highway Supt: We 'Need to Keep Going to Stay With It'

Crews started plowing in Grafton at 2 p.m.; that was after treating the roads.

Provided the forecast proves true and snow starts falling Friday night at a rate of 2 to 3 inches an hour, those responsible for keeping Grafton's streets clear are going to be going nonstop.

"We'll take occasional breaks but if we get the snow they say we're going to get, you need to keep going to stay with it," said Highway Superintendent Dave Crouse.

Crouse said the governor's banning of vehicles on the roads after 4 p.m. was welcome news, and that he hoped people would stay off the streets.

Grafton doesn't have a parking ban, but the DPW may have vehicles removed that interfere with plowing and keeping the roads clear, Crouse said.


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