Roney Funeral Home Now Offering Remembrance Services and Launches New Website

For over 65 years Roney Funeral Home has been serving families in Grafton and surrounding communities in the Blackstone Valley and Worcester with funeral and memorial services. There is a growing trend toward more contemporary services which in many cases are designed for those who describe themselves as spiritual but not religious, or have no organized religious affiliation at all. This new service as it is now offered at Roney Funeral Home is called a Remembrance Service, which is a completely personalized and unique service for the deceased which incorporates a tribute to the person delivered by Chris Roney, a certified Funeral Celebrant and Registered Licensed Funeral Director, along with family members and/or friends, music, video tributes and appropriate ceremonies that are professionally written, planned and delivered for each person. These services are completely customized and cannot be used for anyone else. Services may be delivered at the funeral home, graveside, or other location as planned by the family of the deceased. These services can also be offered to supplement a traditional religious service, allowing for additional time for family members and friends to share memories and offer unique elements that are not a part of traditional religious service. These services are available for those families who opt for a viewing with a casket or for cremation as well. What is clear is that those who do not have a formal religious affiliation, at the time of the loss of a friend or loved one, need to grieve. There needs to be time to establish the personal and social significance of those we lose, to show one another the power of presence in gathering together, and to celebrate their lives in a meaningful way. The Remembrance Service is built to provide all of these things in a loving tribute.

We will continue to offer funeral and memorial services at church or with clergy for those who honor their loved ones with those traditions and customs. A Remembrance Service is simply a way of expanding what we offer to the community. Please visit our updated website, www.RoneyFuneralHome.com or call us at (508) 839-4491 to make an appointment to sit down and talk with us where all of your questions may be answered or services can be pre-planned.


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