Movers Steal Gold; Perfect Meatloaf; Cockatoo Talks to the Ladies

Discover meatloaf perfection ... in Grafton.

From the helpful to the interesting to the downright absurd, here is MetroWest Patch's weekly "Best of Craigslist."

God will bring back the $20K in stolen gold

A poster in Natick says when he moved to North Providence last week, the movers stole at least $20K in gold. It will not be easy to sell, he says, because it's an ancient gold. "if someone finds that gold i will reward him/ her with the higest amount i possibly can. Pictures on request. In faith of the GOD if you are the one who stole it give it back to me its my marriage gold i will reward you with the highest money i can."

Talk about healthcare, get a gift card

Men and women between the ages of 15-24 in the Milford and Marlborough area are needed for a confidential focus group about health care. It is not clear who is conducting this focus group, or what the questions are, but you can call Jen about that. You'll get a gift card for taking part.

Hip hop, you don't stop

If you're good at hip hop style dancing and think you could teach it to others, there is a dance studio in Westborough looking for instructors for the 2012-2013 season.

Musical parking

If you were sitting in a Hopkinton parking lot recently, you may just have an admirer. You, a man, were sitting in the lot and another man, age 60, said you left and came back. A guy with a dog came along, and you talked to him, too.  "That's when I left and went to another parking lot. You followed and parked near me but I got nervous and you finally left. You're older and so am I. Tell me what my car looked like so I know it's you."

Affectionate cockatoo more likely to chat with the ladies

This Northborough cockatoo is up for adoption. Stella is "as tame as they come and an absolute love. She will talk a little, for women mainly." Stella needs a new home, but it isn't because she isn't lovable.

No more unsightly meatloaf

Many become unnecessarily frustrated with trying to build the perfect meatloaf. Perhaps it tastes great, but it comes out unshapely or downright unsightly. Put your hands together and break out a $5-spot, as there is a Perfect Meatloaf pan in the box for sale in Grafton for $5. No delivery; you must pick up this meatloaf pan.

Roll your own butts

Someone in Shrewsbury is parting with a barely used cigarette-rolling machine. The purchase price was $50, but you can have it for $35.


Woman wants to rehome fiancee's chinchilla

A woman in Marlborough, who is clearly missing all of the punctuation keys on her computer, is looking to find a loving chinchilla a loving home. He doesn't bite, but he does like to nip. The message: "hi i am looking for a loving home only for my fiance's male chinchilla kane he is about a year to two years old we would like to try to find him a loving home maybe with a friend that he can bond with he will come with his cage his food that is left and his water bottle dust bath and house and hay that is left we are asking a rehoming fee of 100 to ensure that he goes to a good home local pickup only please a little about him he is friendly he doesnt bite but he does like to nip which is his way of tasting you so that he knows that he can trust you he loves his tummy rubbed and his head rubbed and he will greet you at the cage we have been working with him on being held which is getting a little more use to it but i am sure who ever takes him can really work with him so please if anyone can open there home and there hearts to this sweet litle guy and give him a chance if you can help give this little guy a great home that would be great if you are interested please contact stephanie thanks"


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