Charter Shuts Down Its Social Media Customer Service

Has the absence of Charter's social media customer service impacted you?

Sometimes, unplugging that cable, waiting two minutes, and plugging it back in just doesn't bring the connection back. Neither does kicking the box or yelling at the TV.

"Yes, robot voice, sir, I've tried all those things."

It can be maddening when the cable cuts out, especially if you've got the full package and lose your Internet connection, too.

In December, Charter Communications unplugged its social-media based customer service team called Umatter2Charter, according to Reuters.

According to its website, Charter Communications the fourth-largest cable operator in the United States. "Charter provides advanced video, high-speed Internet, and telephone services to approximately 5.2 million residential and business customers in 25 states."

Charter chose to drop service and response via Facebook and Twitter after garnering thousands of fans. Unlike Wegmans, though, Charter still does have a Facebook presence.

On its Facebook page, Charter states, "It is very important to us that Charter customers get to speak directly to representatives in a personal manner regarding any issues or inquiries, so please call 1-888-438-2427 for support, and chat with representatives at bit.ly/CharterSupport."

Charter reiterated that it was "not walking away completely from social media," and rather dismantling the customer service component associated with it, said Reuters.

Charter customers in Grafton: Had you ever used the social media customer support that is no longer available? 


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