'Kai's Village' Supports Grafton Boy Battling Tumor: Can You Help?

The group is seeking to support the 2-year-old and his family, as well as other nonprofits.

If we're lucky, the biggest concerns for most of us around the holiday season are how to find the best shopping deals and which relatives are coming to Christmas dinner.

I spent some time reading Kerri Rezendes' blog about her 2-year-old boy, Kai, who has an inoperable tumor. Judging from the love, sensitivity, and remarkable strength Kerri shows in her writing, there's no doubt she counts herself lucky, too. Kai seems amazing: a truly remarkable, beautiful boy.

But no family, no child, should have to go through what Kai's family is experiencing.

The Rezendes family has been living at the hospital with Kai for more than three weeks.

"Every minute that passes I lose a little more of him. I sit here with my ear pressed against his chest listening for the next breath. Watching from across the room, waiting to see that tiny little rise in the blanket as he inhales. Sometimes it is fast and shallow and sometimes there are long pauses, but each time he exhales it feels like it could be the last time," Kerri wrote in her blog.

We can't change the misfortune that has befallen Kai. But those who know and love him and his family are hoping that the community's support can make their burden, and those of families experiencing similar situations, that much easier to bear.

Andrea Merrill used our local voices section to make a plea for help for Kai. She is among the organizers of an upcoming fair, to be held Dec. 8. "Kai's Village" is seeking vendors for the craft fair, which will raise money for Kai and his family. Proceeds will go toward meeting the family’s needs, including meals, a freezer to store meals, medical bills, and a memorial. A portion of the funds will also go to Why Me & Sherry’s House, a local organization set up to provide love and support for families with childhood cancer.

Please take a moment to read Andrea's blog, and learn how you can help.

You may also email Andrea at kaisvillage2012@gmail.com.

Alissa R December 09, 2012 at 03:44 AM
Most sadly, Kai passed away the evening this article was written, November 27, 2012. He remains loved and remembered by many. Kai's Village continues, and the craft fair held today, December 8th appears to have been a success!!! Please send love and prayers to Kerri and Mark, Kai's parents, and their family.


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