Hens, Rooster and Minnows Need Homes; 'Kinda Nasty' Free Fridge

The best of Craigslist includes a connection on an escalator and a person looking to rehome some hens.

The African voodoo spells continue on Craigslist. And there are a whole lot of folks looking to sell cars, firewood and dilapitaded furniture.

But that's not the best we came across this week.

As always, here's a smattering of the weird, the funny and the informative on Craigslist this past week.

It's kind of dirty but it works, and it's free

Just this week, a very used refrigerator was pulled from its home and dumped on the street in Natick at 12 Washington Ave. It's "kinda nasty but it works." The owner of the fridge doesn't need to talk about this. If you want it, swing by with a truck and get it. And be sure you've got plenty of Lysol.

The orpingtons are excellent layers

Egg layers that is. A person in Framingham is parting with free hens and one rooster, and they must go together. There are 10 hens, and they are approximately 1-2 years old. Not recommended for a quiet community.

This couple wants to play board games with you

A gay couple in the Milford/Hopkinton area is looking to put a group together to hang out and play board games. Really. "Stop laughing!" they say.

Lego instructors needed

Play-Well TEKnologies, which is an engineering educational outreach organization, is looking for instructors to teach with Legos. There are many requests for this program, and a variety of people are needed as instructors in MetroWest.  

Escalating vibes

He had just gotten off the escalator at Neiman's in Natick. You, apparently a "slender young redhead who works there," were headed downstairs. With your "very beautiful smile and sparkling eyes," you captured the attention of this male shopper. "I couldn't help but sneak a couple of more glances at you as you rode down."

Who's in the market for 50 or so rosy red/fathead minnows?

You're in luck. This person in Northborough has "probably more" than 50 minnows who need a home. There are 30 more in his tank that he couldn't even catch yet. "The first person to pick them up can have them."

Are you this very cheesecake?

If there is a Katie from Northborough who has gone by the name of "cheesecake" in the past, J misses you very much. It's been a year, and your smile, kiss and touch are still on his mind.

The dog hates this bird, but you would love him

Animal advocates would tell you this is among the many reasons not to purchase a bird from a pet store. Nonetheless, this person from Westborough did bring home this baby parakeet, and already needs to find him a home. "Very sweet, doesn't bite and loves to be held and cuddled," apparently the sweetness doesn't translate to the dog, who hasn't stopped barking at the parakeet since he came home. For $125, plus two months of food and his cage and toys, you can bring this bird home (where hopefully you will let him spread its wings and fly around).

You laughed, you talked, you cried ... but he doesn't know your name

Sometime within the past week, this guy met a beautiful woman at Speakers Nightclub in Marlborough. He wishes you could get together again, because you laughed, talked and "there were tears." However, he either lost your contact information or you never gave it to him because he is trying to reach you through this cryptic post on Craigslist.

In need of a daily ride

If you drive from Hopkinton to Westborough daily, you could make some extra bucks by picking up this person who really needs a ride to his job at TJX every day.


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