Giving You the Chills: There's a Freezing Rain Advisory

The NWS issued a freezing rain advisory, and our resident weather specialist Jim Arnold gives us more details.

You may have figured this out, but duck boots, Crocs and flip flops aren't so great in this kind of weather. Avoid the slippage.

The National Weather service has issued a Freezing Rain Advisory for northern Worcester County, basically points to the north and west of the City of Worcester, our resident weather specialist Jim Arnold reports. 

The NWS's advisory states that there will be freezing rain in effect from 4 p.m. on Friday to 7 a.m. on Saturday. Accumulation of ice could reach a tenth of an inch, and it will also create some slippery driving conditions, as well as possible power outages from downed limbs.

Arnold, a weather specialist with the Shrewsbury Emergency Management Agency, said, "The basis for this is the potential for cold air damming to our north and west. A shallow layer of cold air at the surface will be resistant to warming and/or mixing with warmer air aloft.  In addition, the snow cover will contribute to keeping the cold air in place. The advisory is warranted for these reasons, but in my opinion the biggest threat for freezing rain will likely be well to our north and west."

Warmer temperatures will creep up for Saturday and Sunday, possibly reaching the lower 50s, and Arnold said a sequence of fronts and small disturbances in the area will create some periodic wet weather through Tuesday.

"In the beginning it will be rain, but as we get to Monday night and Tuesday, colder air will be seeping into these systems," he said. :This will bring with it the threat of a mix and/or change to a wintry mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain overnight Monday into Tuesday. This should not be a 'blockbuster' event by any means, but could be enough to cause poor driving."


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