Amelia the Stray Saved by Local Rescue and Shelter

A stray with a broken leg gets a second chance, and hopes to have a home by Christmas.

Last week, Grafton Patch reported that a dog, "Amelia," was listed on craigslist as needing help or she would be euthanized. With an apparent broken leg, the poster was trying to find help for the stray.

Concerned people answered the call.

Amelia, now named "Star," is now at the Fitchburg Animal Shelter awaiting a forever home.

"We don't have much of a story on her," said Amy Egeland from the shelter. "Someone brought her in to Tufts; he found her out in the street. She was limping at that time. We are going under the assumption that she was hit by a car."

Before coming to the shelter, veterinarians at Tufts operated on her leg. Amelia then was taken in by Broken Tail Rescue, which in turn urgently called Fitchburg Animal Shelter.

"I had just had some space freed up by rescue transferring out four dogs—two to Broken Tail," said Egeland. "Now settled in, she has had a few visits of potential adopters. Once her stitches are removed and her behavior evaluation is complete she will be adopted into a local family. It really is just a matter of stepping up to help a dog in need when we have the room. Several adoptions and rescue transfers created available space to give this girl time to heal.  She is a wonderfully sweet dog that we hope to have in a home by Christmas!"


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