Exclusive In Studio Interview With Santa Claus On Grafton Community Television

Grafton Community Television's Bob DeToma hosts Santa at the GCTV studios
Grafton Community Television's Bob DeToma hosts Santa at the GCTV studios

GRAFTON: Everyone knows how busy Santa Claus is this time of year, so it was a special day when Santa stopped by the Grafton Community Television studios for an exclusive video interview. "What Santa Does After Christmas" is a featured segment of the December Edition of "Grafton Minute by Minute," debuting Monday, December 16th on Charter Channel 11 / Verizon Channel 34.

"Grafton Minute By Minute" a monthly magazine of events that happen in Grafton, is produced and directed by GCTV Lead Access Assistant Bob DeToma with in house studio segments by Richard Schultze and Bill Robidoux. The December edition also features video from Grafton Celebrates The Holidays and the Grafton Masons Turkey Shoot at the North Grafton Fish, Game and Bird Club. It will be broadcast on GCTV's Channel 11 / Verizon Channel 34 on
Mondays at 1:30 PM and 8:30 PM, Tuesdays at 12:30 PM, Wednesdays at 1:30 PM and 9:30 PM, Thursdays at 1:30 PM, Fridays at 9:00 PM, Saturdays at 9:00 PM and Sundays at 12:30 PM and 6:30 PM.

The program can also be found on GCTV's Video on Demand link http://graftontv.org/current/VoD.html and on the
GCTV YouTube channel. (http://www.youtube.com/user/GraftonCommunityTV)

According to Bob DeToma, "Santa is a busy guy, so we were really pleased that he would take the time to visit Grafton Community Television studios to tell us about his life the other 364 days in the year."

Grafton Community Television provides programming on three distinct public access channels in the Town of Grafton over the Charter Communications and the Verizon cable systems. Monthly schedules and information for Grafton Community Television Channels can be found at www.GraftonTV.org
and www.facebook.com/graftontv Charter Channel 11/Verizon Channel 34 provides general interest programming, Charter Channel 12/Verizon Channel 33 broadcasts town government programming, and Charter Channel 13 /Verizon Channel 32 features school programming and high school sports events.


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